Aeris to host ACAC Certified Microbial Investigator Prep Course Decmeber 2018

ACAC Certified Microbial Investigator Prep Course Aeris is excited to Host this Course Presented by – Jeremy Stamkos CIEC Seats are limited so be sure to register as soon possible! The CMI certification will demonstrate to your clients that you; Understand when, where and why mould and bacteria will grow Recognize the effects that mould and […]

Shangri La Protects Units From Harsh Conditions AerisGUARD Corrosion Protection Plus

VAE have successfully completed the hot water system upgrade at the Shangri-La hotel site in Cairns North Queensland. As a trained Platinum Partner in the use and application of the Aeris Corrosion Protection solution, the team has produced an outstanding result for their customer and ensured that the investment in the new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ […]

Aircon-The Biggest Unmanaged Risk in Your Hotel

This Article found in ‘Destination Thailand News’ was published last week and is a great news item on the issues that hotels face with poor hygiene in their air-conditioner units and how they can be resolved with enzyme based cleaners and treatments Aircon-The Biggest Unmanaged Risk in Your Hotel If guests are going to complain […]

A great article on the importance of Protecting your HVAC unit

This article is very educational in telling the importance of coating new HVAC units especially in coastal areas too protect them from corrosion and get the most out of your unit. Also brought up is the ease of using aerosol cans for DIY application. Go to our products page to learn more on our Corrosion […]

Resilience Forum

Team Aeris will be at the Resilience Forum in Sydney at the Aerial UTS Function centre on July 26th! Make sure you register and come say Hi! This forum will showcase how the industry can create a safer and more secure future through the implementation of practical design and construction measures that result in more […]